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Poster: The_Emperor_Of_Television Date: Oct 24, 2013 2:42am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Just names on a page - Melbourne, Australia radio schedule for 14 January 1957

Since I've been listening to some old US radio programs, I decided to see what the Australian schedules consisted of...

Reason for the title of this thread: The chances of most of these shows becoming available on the Internet Archive are slim, how many of them even have extant episodes? As such, they will remain mere names on a page for most of us.

AR and LO were not commercial stations, hence their schedules. As is also the case with the Melbourne TV stations of the 1950s, with most of the stations, they are rarely referred to by their call-signs these days.

Some of these series are Australian, some are American, and some are British. It's worth noting, though, that sometimes they took US radio shows and did local versions with Australian casts but with the American scripts (often localised, of couse). Not sure how many series on the schedules are examples of this, but "Portia Faces Life" is one of them, and there are other examples of this on the schedules. People talk about the lack of locally-produced drama content on Australian TV during the 1950s (consisting of a soap opera, a hospital series, an anthology series, and a bunch of live plays), but during the 1950s itself, and I might be wrong on this, there were complaints about lack of the content by Australian writers on Australian radio. That said, not all of them were based on US series.

Also, just because it is described as a "serial" doesn't mean it is a soap opera. Melbourne newspapers of the 1950s used "serial" to describe any series with continuing characters. TV listings described "Annie Oakley" as a serial, for example. It's likely that not all "serials" are marked as such in the newspaper ("Portia Faces Life" wasn't marked as such, for example)

Please forgive all the spelling mistakes I made.

6:30AM - "Regional News"
6:36AM - "Band Music"
6:45AM - "Bright and Early"
7:00AM - "BBC Sports News Letter"
7:15AM - "Breakfast Session"
7:45AM - News, Weather
8:00AM - "Popular Entertainers"
8:15AM - "Hospitals"
8:45AM - "Proving Flight" (Serial)
9:00AM - "Yours for the Asking"
9:55AM - ""Pause a Moment"
10:00AM - "Play it Again"
10:15AM - "Famous Entertainers"
10:30AM - "Women's Session"
11:00AM - "Best Sellers"
11:30AM - "Popular Music Makers"
12:00PM - Rural News, Markets
12:19PM - Markets
12:30PM - News, Weather
12:48PM - "Talk"
1:00PM - "Blue Hills"
1:15PM - "Luncheon Music"
1:30PM -News
1:45PM - Weather, Music
2:00PM - "Housewives' Choice"
2:30PM - "Visual Arts" (BBC transcription)
3:00PM - "Melodies from Shows"
3:30PM - "We'd Almost Forgotten"
4:00PM - "Rhythm Piano" (Jan August)
4:15PM - BBC Newsreel
4:25PM - "Australiana"
5:00PM - "Children's Hour"
5:55PM - "Stock Exchange"
6:00PM - "Blue Hills" (serial)
6:15PM - "Latest and Brightest"
6:30PM - "Sport Highlights"
6:45PM - "The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney" (serial)
7:00PM - News
7:15PM - "Songs that Sold a Million" (with the ABC Dance Band and soloists)
7:45PM - "We're Asking You" (quiz session)
8:15PM - "Village Glee Club" (with the ABC Melbourne singers)
8:45PM - "News Review
9:00PM - News
9:15PM - "Two Tziganis" (classical music?)
9:30PM - Talk ("Alfred Felton of Melbourne")
9:40PM - "Between You and Us" (with Reg Lewis and Barbara James)
9:55PM - "Moment Musical"
10:00PM - "Guilty Party" (BBC transcription)
10:00PM - "Dixieland" (Ray Anthony orchestra)
11:00PM - News
11:20PM - Music, Meditation
11:30PM - Station close

6:00AM - News
6:09AM - Weather, Music
6:40AM - "Facing the Week"
6:45AM - News, Weather ("inc. train news")
7:00AM - "Light Orchestral"
7:10AM - "From the Bible"
7:15AM - "Morning Melody"
7:45AM - News, Weather
8:00AM - "Morning Melody"
8:30AM - "Orchestral"
9:00AM - "Celebrity Pianist"
9:20AM - "Time for Music"
9:30AM - "Kindergarten"
10:00AM - "Devotion" ("Dr. Kathleen Bliss")
10:15AM - "Orchestral"
10:30AM - "Concert Hall Stars"
11:00AM - "Symphony Hour"
12:00PM - News Review
12:15PM - "Stars of Opera"
12:45PM - "Music of the Dance"
1:15PM - News Commentary (Derek Van Abbe)
1:23PM - "Stock Exchange"
1:30PM - "Young Australia"
1:45PM - "Sunshine and Shadow"
2:00PM - "Music Lover"
2:45PM - "In Chancery" (serial, BBC transcription)
3:20PM - Talk ("Little Towns of the Pyrenees)
3:30PM - "Australian Composers" ("Symphony in Three Movements: Hughes")
4:00PM - News
4:15PM - "Best in Music" ("Stockholm Phil. Orch.")
5:00PM - "Honey Bees" ("Feature by Nesta Pain", BBC transcription)
5:30PM - "Continental Musicale" (Yugoslav Rhapsody)
6:00PM - "Evening Melody" (Michel Legrand Orchestra)
6:30PM - "Week's Films"
6:45PM - "Popular Piano Classics"
7:00PM - News
7:15PM - News Commentary
7:20PM - "Orchestral" (Grand Symphony Orchestra)
7:30PM - "Pianists of Australia"
8:00PM - "Monday Night Theatre" ("Red Letter Day")
9:15PM - "Sydney String Orchestra"
9:45PM - "Stanley Clarkson"
10:00PM - "Chamber Music" (Raymond Lambert Trio)
10:30PM - "Guest of Honor"
10:45PM - "Celebrity Records" (Elisabeth Schwarzkopf)
11:00PM - Station close

5:45AM - News, Music
6:30AM - News, Music
6:55AM - Gardening, Music
7:30AM - News
7:41AM - "Melbourne Opinion"
7:45AM - "Davy Crockett"
8:15AM - "For the Children"
8:45AM - "Office Wife" (serial)
9:00AM - "Portia Faces Life" (serial)
9:15AM - "Convict Girl" (serial)
9:30AM - "Right to Happiness"
9:45AM - "None So Blind"
10:00AM - "Aunt Mary" (serial)
10:15AM - "King's Row" (serial)
10:30AM - "A Woman Confesser"
10:45AM - "Ellen Dodd" (serial)
11:00AM - "Happy and Graham"
11:30AM - "Wog Club"
12:00PM - "Newsletter"
12:30PM - News
12:45PM - "Luncheon Club"
1:30PM - "Search for the Perfect Husband"
2:30PM - "Happy and Graham"
3:00PM - "Courtship and Marriage" (serial)
3:15PM - "Front Page Lady"
3:30PM - "Petty Kitty Kelly" (Serial)
4:45PM - "Dr. Mac" (serial)
4:00PM - "Doctor's Memories"
4:15PM - Music
4:45PM - "Dan Dare" (serial)
5:30PM - "Hospital Call"
6:00PM - "Six O'Clock Show"
6:15PM - "Clancy of the Overflow" (serial)
6:30PM - News
6:40PM - "Melbourne Opinion"
6:45PM - "Timber Ridge" (serial)
7:00PM - "Hits of the Moment"
7:15PM - "The Girl from Nowhere" (serial)
7:30PM - "Show Music"
8:00PM - "Black Museum" (drama series)
8:30PM - "Elephant Walk" (serial)
9:00PM - "Record Whirl"
9:15PM - "Big Show"
9:35PM - "Let's Face It"
9:45PM - "Classified Air Ads"
10:00PM - News, Music
10:30PM - "Classified Air Ads"
10:45PM - "Who is my Neighbor" (US spelling? really?)
11:00PM - "The Late Show" (with Doug Elliot)
11:30PM - "The Later Show" (with Doug Elliot)

5:45AM - News, Music
7:00AM - Reveille, News
7:45AM - News, Music
8:00AM - "Breakfast Melodies"
8:45AM - "Prodigal Husband"
9:00AM - "My Husband's Love"
9:15AM - "Markhams of Four Winds" (serial)
9:30AM - "Hymns of All Churches"
9:45AM - "Australian Music"
10:00AM - "Dr. Paul" (serial)
10:15AM - "Second Fiddle"
10:30AM - "Death Takes Small Bites" (serial)
10:45AM - "Life can be Beautiful" (serial)
11:00AM - "Women's Session"
12:00PM - "Monday Musicals"
12:15PM - "Life of Mary Sothern" (serial)
12:30PM - News
12:45PM - "Model Kitchen"
1:00PM - "Community Singing"
2:00PM - "Pollyanna"
2:15PM - "Magazine of Air" (short-hand?)
2:30PM - "Mrs. Dale's Diary"
2:45PM - "Pencarrow Saga"
3:00PM - "Friendly Door"
3:30PM - "Golden Melodies"
4:00PM - ""Shift Workers Breakfast Session"
5:00PM - "Children's Session" (presumably not the actual name of the show)
5:30PM - "Captain Miracle"
5:45PM - "Davy Crockett"
6:00PM - "Rick O'Shea" (serial)
6:15PM - "No Holiday for Halliday" (serial)
6:30PM - "Lavender Grove" (serial)
6:45PM - "Ma Pepper" (serial) (yes, "Ma Pepper", not "Dr. Pepper", which I don't think was sold in Australia during the 1950s)
7:00PM - News
7:10PM - News Commentary
7:15PM - "When a Girl Marries" (serial)
7:30PM - "Adventures of Robin Hood" ("How Robin Became an Outlaw")
8:00PM - "The White Rabbit" (drama)
8:30PM - "Happy Gang" (variety show, which later became a TV series)
10:05PM - "News
10:15PM - "1957 Stars"
11:00PM - News
11:15PM - "Night Club" (variety)
12:00AM - "Today's Hits"
12:15AM - "Australian Music"
1:00AM - Station close

6:00AM - "Norman Swain"
6:30AM - News, Music
7:00AM - "Get Hep"
7:30AM - News
7:40AM - "Peter Golding"
7:45AM - "Chicken and Champagne" (with Norman Swain)
8:45AM - Variety
9:00AM - "Lauara Chilton"
9:15AM - Variety
9:30AM - "Tatt's Drawing"
9:45AM - Variety
11:00AM - "Old Time Dance"
11:15AM - "Voice of Labor"
11:30AM - "Ron Cadee Sings"
12:00PM - Variety
12:30PM - News
1:00PM - "Devotion"
1:15PM - "Flower of Darkness" (serial)
1:30PM - "Golden Road" (serial)
2:00PM - "Jim Berinson"
2:30PM - "Call from KZ"
3:00PM - "Penny Serenade"
4:15PM - "Under His Wings"
4:30PM - Children's Session
5:00PM - "Once Upon a Time"
5:30PM - "Spin with the Stars"
6:00PM - "John Maybury Presents"
6:30PM - "Movies and Music"
7:00PM - News
7:10PM - News Commentary (Mr. J. V. Stout)
7:15PM - "The Fazeley Affair" (serial)
7:30PM - "A String of Pearls" (drama)
8:00PM - Variety
8:30PM - "Tick Tock Tales" ("short stories")
8:45PM - Variety
9:00PM - "Music Hour"
10:00PM - News
10:10PM - "Peter Golding"
10:15PM - "Supper Club"
10:45PM - "Melody Time" ("featuring Australian compositions")
11:00PM - "Let's Reminisce" (old records were played)
11:30PM - Station close

5:00AM - "Geoff Manion"
5:25AM - "Sport Report"
5:30AM - "Hillbillies"
5:40AM - "While Melbourne Sleeps"
6:15AM - News, Weather
7:00AM - "While Melbourne Sleeps"
7:30AM - News, Weather
8:00AM - "Biggles" (serial)
8:15AM - "Time for Children"
8:30AM - "While Melbourne Sleeps"
8:45AM - News, Weather
9:00AM - "Hour of Stars"
10:00AM - "Stamina Show"
10:30AM - "Choice of People" (or perhaps "Choice of the People"?)
11:00AM - "I'm On Your Side"
11:15AM - "Jane Armitage"
11:30AM - "Shenandoah" (serial)
11:45AM - "Out of the Dark"
12:00PM - "Big Brother" (serial)
12:15PM - News
12:30PM - "Newsreel"
1:00PM - "Martha Gardener" (who later had a show on Australian TV, but that's another story)
1:30PM - "Choice of People" (more likely title: "Choice of the People")
2:00PM - "Telequiz" (with David McGee)
3:00PM - "Choice of People"
4:00PM - "News for Women"
4:15PM - "Teatime Cabaret"
4:30PM - "Rumpus Time"
5:10PM - "Playmates"
5:25PM - "Twilight Ranger" (serial)
5:40PM - "Grey Goose" (serial)
5:55PM - "Hop Harrigan" (serial)
6:10PM - "Sea Hound "(serial)
6:25PM - "Superman" (serial)
6:40PM - "Tarzan" (serial)
6:55PM - News
7:00PM - "Gunsmoke" (serial)
7:30PM - "Cadbury Show" (variety, presumably sponsored by the chocolate brand)
8:00PM - "Give it a Go" (game show with Jack Davey, later turned into a TV series)
8:30PM - "BMC Show" (variety compered by Gladys Moncrieff)
9:00PM - "Concrete Jungle" (drama)
9:30PM - News
9:45PM - "Melbourne Diary" (with Norman Banks)
10:00PM - Newsreel
10:15PM - "Accent on Music"
10:30PM - "Record Rendezvous"
11:00PM - "Music Masterpiece" (classical music)
11:25PM - News
11:30PM - Station close

5:00AM - "Hillbillies" (short-hand, I assume?)
6:10AM - "Waterside Workers"
6:20AM - News
6:30AM - "Hillbillies"
6:45AM - "The Bandstand"
7:45AM - News
8:00AM - "Rhythm on Record"
8:15AM - "Top of the Morning"
9:00AM - "Win-a-Car Quiz"
9:05AM - "Top Tune"
10:00AM - "Housewives Association"
11:15AM - "Today's Hits"
11:30AM - "Annabelle"
11:45AM - "Friends and Neighbors" (American spelling again?)
12:30PM - News
12:35PM - "Waterside Workers"
12:45PM - "Hammond Harmony"
1:00PM - "Melbourne Speaks"
1:15PM - "Popular Choice"
1:45PM - "Prahran Mission"
2:00PM - "Suburban Hour"
3:15PM - "Music from Shows"
4:00PM - "World of Jazz"
4:30PM - "Opportunity Club"
4:45PM - "Australian Music"
5:00PM - "Children's Corner"
5:15PM - "Story Time"
5:30PM - "Pedal Club"
5:45PM - "Scouting Around"
6:00PM - "Early Show"
6:45PM - News
7:00PM - Music
7:30PM - Monday Night Meeting
7:45PM - "Hour of St. Francis"
8:00PM - "Italian Serenade"
8:30PM - "Music That Appeals" ("Quebec Concerto")
9:00PM - "Talent Tote" (talent show, obviously, featuring singers)
9:30PM - "Church of Christ"
10:00PM - News
10:10PM - "Guest Spot"
10:15PM - "Tonight's Choice" (music)
10:30PM - "Greyhound Racing"
11:00PM - "Late Show"
12:00PM - News, Music
1:00AM - Night Programmes (??) (was this a 24-hour station?)

AK (no longer exists!)
6:00AM - "Hillbilly Harmony"
7:15AM - News, Music
8:00AM - Gospel Session (probably not actual name of series)
8:15AM - News, Music
9:30AM - "Featured Artist"
10:15AM - "Voice of Suburbs"
11:30AM - "Factory Favourites"
12:00PM - "Midday Musicale"
12:30PM - News
12:30PM - "Microgroove Music"
1:00PM - Women's Session (probably not actual name of series)
2:00PM - "Hospital Requests"
3:15PM - "Everyman's Music"
4:30PM - "Dr. Michaelson"
4:45PM - News
5:00PM - "Dinner Music"
7:00PM - Station close

I probably made some mistakes while putting this together. Also, my source was a digital scan of an old newspaper page, so it's likely the newspaper also made mistakes (also, they refer to things as "children's session" and "women's session", which doesn't help)

I can post the schedules for the next day if anyone wants.

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Poster: The_Emperor_Of_Television Date: Oct 24, 2013 5:47pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Also, here is a 1950 DuMont clip with the Benny Goodman Quintet on YouTube

A Chicago-based archivist has uploaded this rare clip to YouTube:

Benny Goodman Quintet performing on "Star Time", a short-lived DuMont variety series which aired during the 1950-1951 season. The group appeared weekly on the series for about 2 months. Teddy Wilson, the pianist in the group, was in fact one of the first African-Americans to be a regular cast member of a sponsored network TV series.

To my knowledge, no complete episodes exist of "Star Time", but several half-hour segments are held by the Library of Congress and the UCLA Film and Television Archive. Now, if only someone would upload them...

Speaking of DuMont, Allen B. Du Mont himself didn't like 1950s TV very much. Mind you, he wouldn't like HBO of today much either. From what I've heard, he thought television should be a medium of information and culture...not crime dramas and comedy. He probably never expected he'd be remembered for a network that produced shows like "Captain Video", "Rocky King, Detective" and "Cavalcade of Stars".

On the above list I put together, some of the shows do have surviving episodes. I'd love to hear "Cadbury Show", which I could via NFSA access copies, but really, going to Melbourne just to listen to a 60+ years old radio program? That seems a bit much.

I'd also like to note that I am currently doing an upload of an episode of "All Star Revue". The picture quality isn't very good (there is the letters "VR" marked on the copy from start to finish), but it does feature Perry Como, Ben Blue, Patti Page and Joan Blondell. Once the upload is finished (in about 7 hours) I will request for it to be moved via email.

This will be the fourth episode of "All Star Revue" I have uploaded. The episode itself features lots of delightfully dated humor. In one bit, Perry gets a cigarette out of a cigarette carton (in reference to his own sponsor, Chesterfield), then the camera gives a close-up to the carton which says "Pet Milk" (the sponsor of "All Star Revue".

(note: I woke up at 3:00PM yesterday, and it's now 11:00AM the next day. I intend to stay up for the rest of the day so I can do the upload. So I'll probably do lots of stupid things during the next 7 hours without realising it...and why does my computer keep changing words I type to US spelling? Like it changed "realising" to "realizing").

This post was modified by The_Emperor_Of_Television on 2013-10-25 00:47:32

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Poster: Administrator, Curator, or Staffbeep* Date: Oct 24, 2013 8:36pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Also, here is a 1950 DuMont clip with the Benny Goodman Quintet on YouTube

Very cool! Thanks for the YouTube link, Emperor.

I've always been a Goodman fan. Finally got to see him at the Circle Star Theater in San Carlos, California in the 70s.

Looking forward to your upload too.

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Poster: The_Emperor_Of_Television Date: Oct 24, 2013 11:00pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Also, here is a 1950 DuMont clip with the Benny Goodman Quintet on YouTube

I came across the YouTube clip by accident. I wasn't expecting it to be there.

Also, I just came across a review I did in 2009 under an old account, and I think I am going to vomit *pukes* will delete that review as soon as possible.....

But back to television. I actually had an episode of "Kraft Music Hall" to upload with Goodman (he isn't even credited on IMDb with appearing in that particular episode, 18 November 1959, oddly enough), but the DVD wouldn't rip properly...the file was a mess. The file was unwatchable...I don't mean blurry, rather it had lots of frames being dropped, skipped and froze repeatedly, just awful. Unacceptable for a music program. Shame, it is a nice episode that deserves to be seen by a wider audience.

(as mentioned above, I woke up at 3:00PM yesterday, and it's now 5:20PM the next day without me having had sleep. I am beyond tired).